Cities Mother-Daughter Project


In collaboration with research partners at the University of Chicago (Dr. Kathryn Keenan, Dr. Alida Bouris), Clark University (Dr. Esteban Cardemil), and Vanderbilt University (Dr. Velma McBride Murry) and with community partners at Jenner Elementary School, Manierre Elementary School, and Wayman AME Church, we have created a preventive intervention called the Cities Mother-Daughter Project. This intervention is designed to prevent depression (and other mental and physical health problems) and to promote academic engagement and achievement in low-income urban girls. It includes training in research-based strategies for managing stressful experiences and for matching particular types of coping strategies with particular types of stressors.

These trainings are administered through the mother-daughter relationship. In other words, mothers learn to serve as therapists and coaches to their daughters. In addition, mothers and daughters are connected to positive community organizations, which provide additional support in areas they identify as important. This intervention development project was funded by a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health. We are currently seeking additional funding to further develop and evaluate it.


Primary Community Partners: Chicago Public Schools, Wayman AME Church

Primary University Collaborators: Kate Keenan and Alida Bouris at the University of Chicago, Sophia Duffy at Dominican University, Esteban Cardemil at Clark University, and Velma McBride Murry at Vanderbilt University

Primary External Funder: National Institute of Mental Health

Note: Co-authors who were students at the time of manuscript preparation are indicated with a “+”